How do I order?

For made to order AS Handgrade shoes please email  mto@alfred-sargent and we shall have one of our stockists assist you. MTO is priced at £795 and current production time is 4 months from date of order.
Please visit one of our stockists to purchase the AS Exclusive or AS Country collections or email mto@alfred-sargent.co.uk including your location to be advised of which supplier to contact.

How to care for my shoes?

We strongly recommend that you use shoe trees for your shoes as they help air and maintain the shape of the shoes. Always use a shoe horn and polish your shoes regularly. Never wear new leather soled shoes for the first time in wet weather and always allowed to dry naturally when worn in the wet, preferably with Alfred Sargent shoes trees inserted.

Interested in becoming an Alfred Sargent Stockist?

Please contact us on mto@alfred-sargent.co.uk for further details.

Concerned about your privacy?

We take this issue very seriously.
If you contact us and provide an email address or contact number we will keep them on file. Should you wish for us to remove the details, please let us know.

Are you looking renovate or repair your existing Alfred Sargent shoes?

We offer a full refurbishment service. This can range from a full re-sole and re-heel to just a refinishing of the edges and uppers. We do not accept shoes for repair that have been repaired by anyone other than ourselves.